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Laptop Screen Repairs


Laptop and Tablet are very common these days. Broken laptop and tablet screens are very common.Laptop computers are convenient and portable allowing you to take your work anywhere.  Now with wireless and 3G networks Internet access is available almost anywhere. Students and Business class people use laptop more often compare to others.
Laptop are more  subject to physical Damage.Laptops from time to time do have problems.  In the old days just about any laptop problem meant a huge bill. Today’s laptop issues may not be as complicated or expensive as you think.
Vancouver Laptop Repairs can help.  We will identify and correct the issues that may be creating you laptop problems and provide you with the necessary fixes or alternatives.

Call surrey data recovery team we can help you.  We’ll discuss your laptop issues over the phone first for FREE to see what the next step should be.  Let us help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Always Remember to have the Laptop Model no handy when you call us.

How to find the model no of your laptop

Locate the Model Number on the Service Tag placed on the bottom of your Notebook PC. The Service Tag will resemble the picture below.

1. Product Name: The Product Name, which will also typically be on the front of your notebook, is not the correct information for either the Series or the Model, it is usually a brand name for an entire set of series and models.  This information should NOT be used to find the correct parts for your laptop.
2. Model: This is the correct identifier for your laptop model.  Please disregard the #ABA at the end of the model name.
3. Series: This is the correct identifier for your laptop series.  Select the series first, then select from the list of valid models.

Please let me know if you still have issue finding the laptop model no:


Phone no: 604-760-1662

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